IJCEBS Volume 2 Issue 1 (2014) ISSN 2320-4079 (Printed Version) ISSN 2320-4087 (Online Version)

    Sr. no.Title & author(s) namePage no.
    1The Economic Benefits of using Biofilm Sequencing Batch Reactor for Dairy Wastewater Treatment

    Ahmed Nazem, Walid Elbarqi, and Medhat Mostafa

    2Influence of Different Chlorine Injection Methods on the Filamentous Bulking Problem

    Salem. Salem, Medhat. Mostafa, and Walid. Ibrahim

    3Evaluation Of Chitosan/Poly(lactic acid) Nanoparticles For The Delivery Of Piceatannol, An Anti-cancer Drug By Ionic Gelation Method

    Jeevitha. D, and Kanchana. A

    4Preparation and In-Vitro Characterisation of Lovastatin Liquisolid Self-Emulsified Drug Delivery System

    Mokale Vinod, Naik Jitendra., Wani Dharitri, Patil Jayesh., Yadava Sunil, and Verma Umakant

    5Investigation of Interface Location in Rushton Stirred Tanks

    Arezou. Ghadi, and Azam Sinkakarimi

    6Impact of Transgenic Bt Cotton on Functional Fungal Populations in Rhizosphere Soil

    Prashant P. Pangrikar, Pramod. B. Rokade, and Pradeep. D. Gaikwad

    7Effect of Industrial Effluents on the Ovary of Guppy, Poecilia Reticulata

    Pramod Rokade, Balaji Rupnar, Pradeep Gaikwad, and Prashant Pangrikar

    8Development of PANI-PVS nanoporous matrix for tissue Engineering Applications

    Pradeep. Gaikwad, Pramod. Rokade, and Prashant.Pangrikar

    9Flow Behavior of Olive Oil Grown in West of Libya

    Esam A. Elhefian

    10The Effects of Post -Emergence Herbicides on Soil Microflora and Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria in Pea Field

    Ali, M, Zaid., Muftah Mayouf, and Yahya, Said, Farouj

    11Indirect Organogenesis of Lobelia chinensis

    Weng Hing Thong

    12Macronutrient Level for The Highest Seedling Yield of Phalaenopsis deliciosa

    C.H. Lim, and C.W. Choong

    13Sucrose Concentration for Optimum Phalaenopsis deliciosa Seedling Growth

    L.P. Lim, and C.W. Choong

    14Exploring the Potential of Whole Cell Biosensor: A Review in Environmental Applications

    Wan Nurul Aisyah. Wan Jusoh, and Ling Shing. Wong

    15Antimicrobial Activities of Some Thermophiles Isolated from Jordan Hot Springs

    Khalid Fandi, Nayef Al-Muaikel, and Fouad Al-Momani

    16Thermal Sprayed Alumina Nanocoatings for Corrosion Prevention

    Nitu Bhatnagar

    17Social Behaviors and Nuisance Activities of Trachypithecus Obscurus in Bukit Juru Penang, Malaysia

    Karimullah, Shahrul Anuar, Hafiz Muhammad Bakhsh, Abdul Ghafoor, and Taimur

    18Microstructure Examination, Elemental Composition Analysis of Gum Arabic Bonded Rhizophora Spp. Particleboards and Their Potential as Tissue Equivalen

    Ali. Abuarra, Sabar Bauk, Rokiah Hashim, Sivamany Kandaiya, Ehsan Taghizadeh Tousi, and Khalid Aldroobi

    19Studies on Web Based Patient Support System for Health Monitoring and Quality of Life

    Gayathri V Panicker., Bharathu. V., Geethu. P., and Bommanna Raja. K

    20Synthesis of 2-Amino-4H-Chromenes : A Review

    Rupnar B.D., Rokade P. B., Gaikwad P. D, and Pangrikar P.P.