IJCEBS Volume 1 Issue 5 (2013) ISSN 2320-4079 (Printed Version) ISSN 2320-4087 (Online Version)

    Sr. no.Title & author(s) namePage no.
    1The Differences Between Direct Examination and Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) Test, During the Diagnosis of Fasciolosis in Jaundiced Slaugh

    Azad A. Meerkhan, and Dr. Alaa H. Razak

    2Sub-Soil Characteristics of Selected Coastal Regions of Bangladesh

    Md. Anisuzzaman, and Arifuzzaman

    3Behavior of Polymeric Fiber as an Alternative Reinforcement to Iron Wire Mesh in Ferro cement Elements under Flexural Load

    M. M. Rahman, S. Sameen, R. Hafiza, and M. A. Sadeque

    4Research on the Development Pattern of "Old-age Care Property" in Wuhan

    Fang Xu , and Wenxiu Liao

    5Study on FAR Award System from the Perspective of Planning Implementation and Management in China

    Wenxiu Liao, and Fang Xv

    6Cadmium Adsorption on Modified Turkish Clinoptilolite

    Mehmet Burçin. Piskin, Ozgul. Dere Ozdemir, and Kübra. Celik

    7Effect of Red Mud Addition on Mechanical and Physical Properties of Roof Tile

    Sabriye. Pişkin, Aysel. Kantürk Figen, Emrah. Özkan, and Ünal. Özçay

    8Public Participation in Urban Renewal Legal Aspects (Comparison Between England and Iran)

    Sohaila Hamidzadeh Khiavi

    9Pharmacokinetic Studies On Sepia Nanoparticles Containing Ciprofloxacin For Oral Delivery


    10Automatically and Quickly Planning Platform and Route of Trains in Railway Stations with a Case Study for Mechelen Station

    P. Sels, T. Dewilde, D. Cattrysse, and P. Vansteenwegen

    11Physicochemical Characterization of Asphalt Ridge Froth Bitumen and Petroleum Pitch

    Nader Nciri, Suil Song, Namho Kim, and Namjun Cho

    12Three Dimensional Characters in Drug Receptor Interaction: Study On DNA Binding Affinity with Phenyl Acridine Derivatives

    Mamta Thakur, Suprajnya Thakur, and Abhilash Thakur

    13Cobalt-Catalyzed Unstrained C-N Bond Activation: the Synthesis of Tertiary Amides by Carbonylation of Tertiary amines

    Yizhu Lei, Rui Zhang, and Guangxing Li

    14Solvothermal synthesis of rice- like TiO2 nanocrystals using different Titanium sources and their photocatalytic activity for degradation of benzene

    Fei He, Di Zhou, Tao Li, and Guangxing Li

    15Optimum Nitrogen to Sulfur Ratio to Increase In Vitro Seedling Yield of Phalaenopsis bellina

    C.W. Choong, and S.M. Choong

    16GIS Contribution to Identify Accident Black Spots on National Highway: Case Study of Wilaya of Mascara (Algeria)

    R. Oulha, K. Brahimi, A. Boumediene, F. Dali, and M.A. Madouche

    17Degradation of Glass Mineral Wool Insulation after 25 Years in Masonry Cavity Walls

    Francesca Tittarelli, Francesca Stazi, Giacomo Politi, Costanzo di Perna, and Placido Munafò

    18Sustainable and Durable No-fines Concrete for Vertical Applications

    Francesca Tittarelli, Alessandra Mobili, Chiara Giosu�, and Maria Letizia Ruello