IJCEBS Volume 3 Issue 6 (2015) ISSN 2320-4079 (Printed Version) ISSN 2320-4087 (Online Version)

    Sr. no.Title & author(s) namePage no.
    1Investigation on Sr0.3Ba0.7Ce0.5Zr0.35Y0.1Sm0.05O3-δ perovskite for SOFC application

    Nikdalila Radenahmad*, Ahmed Afif bin Abedin, Quentin Cheok, Seikh Mohammad Habibur Rahman, Sten Eriksson, and Abul Kalam Azad

    2Control of the Fine Cholesterol Particles Using Supercritical Compressed Antisolvent

    Yousef Bakhbakhi, Sulaiman Alfadul, Meilana Putra, and Abdelhamid Ajbar

    3Potential Use of Low Pressure Gas Nozzles for Surface Flaming to Control Weeds

    Selçuk Arslan, Nihat Tursun, and Duran Güleç

    4Geotechnical Assessment of Dimension stone Resources in Oman

    Sobhi Nasir, Rajendran Sankaran, Mohmed El Ghali, Talal Hosni, Khaled Elzebdeh, and Ghazi Al-Rawas

    5Flower-Visiting by the Invasive Hornet Vespa Velutina Nigrithorax (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)

    Takatoshi Ueno

    6Wastes Recycling Via Their Utilization as Carbon Source for Single Cell Oil Production

    Aouad Linda, and Saidi M

    73D Modeling in Tractography DTI -MRI of Anatomical Components of the Central Nervous System

    Saidi. Mohamed, Selem Nabahet, and SM. Boukerche

    8Emotional Architecture - A Study of Tadao Ando's Genius Loci Design Philosophy and Design Syntax

    Hao-Long Hsu, Yu-Li Chang, and Hsiu-Hui Lin

    9Numerical Analysis on Temperature Field of Airport Pavement with Phase Change Energy Storage Concrete

    Chunzhi DU, Xiangyu HE, Jinming XUE, Binfei LIU, and Liangyu RAO

    10Assessment and Thorough Analysis of the Impact due to Earthquake on Industrial Structures in Bangladesh

    Md Abdul Wahed, and Md. Arifujjaman

    11Distribution of Si Compounds in Surface Water of Brunei Bay, Borneo Island

    Suhaimi Suratman, Yet Yin Hee and Norhayati Mohd Tahir

    12Synthesis, Characterisation and Antibacterial Activity of Novel Chalcones

    Venkatachalam H., Jayashree B. S., Vignesh Shetty

    13Investigating the Mechanism of Water Inflow in Gas Wells in Fractured Gas Reservoirs and Designing a Controlling Method

    Masoud Nasiri, and Iman Jafari

    14Improved Upstream Modeling Through Hierarchical Cluster-based Partial Least Squares Regression

    Tahir Mehmood, Lars Snipen and Solve Sæbø.

    15Cancer GeneTherapy with Plasmid Expressing Anti-HER2/Neu Toxin

    Khodarovich YM, Rakhmaninova DA, Kagarlitskiy GO, Deyev SM

    16Physical Security at Special Events

    Gregory P. Staisiunas