IJCEBS Volume 3 Issue 3 (2015) ISSN 2320-4079 (Printed Version) ISSN 2320-4087 (Online Version)

    Sr. no.Title & author(s) namePage no.
    1Study the effects of fulvic acid on physiological traits of Citrus unshu under salt stress

    Mehran Mahmoudi, and Peyman Aryaee

    2Viscoelastic Behavior of Polysaccharide Blends Containing Pereskia Bleo (Tujuh Duri) Mucilage

    Nurul Farhanah Mohd Aluwi, Nor Hayati Ibrahim, and Yusnita Hamzah

    3Study the Effects of Landscape Gardening Plans on Structure Designing of Agriculture Colleges in Iran

    Saba Jahangir, and Mehran mahmoudi

    4Social Logic of Morphological Evolution of Temple Towns of Kerala, India :Understanding the cultural influence on the spatial configuration of Temple

    Ar. Josna Raphael P., and Dr. A. K. Kasthurba

    5The Importance of Architecture in the Design of an Agricultural College

    Saba Jahangir

    6Innovative Technology for Destruction of Grain Pests

    Iztayev Auyelbek, Maemerov Mels, Yakiyayeva Madina, and Kozybayev Asilbek

    7Yield Performance of Sweet Corn (Zea Mays Var. Saccharata) Using Vermicompost as a Component of Balanced Fertilization Strategy

    Samuel R. Simon, Ph.D. and Fermina P. Balabbo

    8Measurement of Technical Efficiency of Producing Sunflower in Irigated Sector in Sinnar State - Sudan, For the Season 2013/14 * 1 A Case Study: Elsuk

    Khalid Yahia Elhag Ibrahim

    9Evaluation of effective parameters on wet ability of the Silica Nano coating by the use of fractional factorial design

    Ali Arastehnodeh, and Solmaz Broomandi

    10Study The Effect of Microwaves-Exposed Ration on Some Organs of Pregnant Albino Mice And The Role of Ginger in Reducing this Damages

    Noor S. Al-Taee, and Janan H. Abdul-Fattah

    11Impact of Chute Walls Convergence Angle on Flow Characteristics of Spillways using Numerical Modeling

    Ashkan. Reisi, Parastoo. Salah, and Mohamad Reza. Kavianpour

    12The Modelization of Energy Dampers and Improvement of Response of Double Layer Grids using Tube Inversion Device

    Hadi Zarrintala, and Mehdi Darvishhashemi